BUS 967 – “Rexy”

Vehicle Specifications

ChassisRenault PR100.2
Entered Service28 August 1992
Removed From Service4 May 2020
Body NumberR2248
Body DateJuly 1992
Destination EquipmentHanover LED, Previously fitted with Alcatel/STC Cannon Flip-Dot
Fuel TypeDiesel

Vehicle History

  • Since delivery in August 1992, Bus 967 has been in special livery for ACTION. A common misconception is that the bus (along with sister units 963 and 971) advertises the National Dinosaur Museum, however the dinosaur skeletons that make up the livery actually encourage people to “Take ACTION (to) Conserve our fossil fuels”
  • 967 spent most of its life at ACTION based out of Belconnen Depot. However, it operated out of Tuggeranong Depot when new for a brief period and returned to Tuggeranong in 2014, where it stayed until withdrawal.
  • This vehicle was fitted with a Sportworks DL2 bike rack around mid 2008, and retained this until withdrawal, with the exception of a brief period in late 2008/early 2009.
  • In July/August 2016, its Alcatel/STC Cannon flip-dot destination signs were replaced with Hanover LED equipment.
  • 967 was named “Rexy” in October 2017.
  • On July 6 2020, 967 was privately purchased for preservation by the CTM Treasurer and now forms part of the CTM fleet. It is currently the sole representative of the many “special” painted liveries worn by Renault PR100.2 and PR100.3 buses in the 1980s/1990s.
BUS 967 on Northcott Dr near Campbell Park Offices in 2009.
BUS 967 travels along Bugden Ave, Fadden on August 28 2019 – 27 years after she first entered service with ACTION.

Vehicle Restoration

While there is some element of restoration with this vehicle planned, 967 will likely not be fully restored to original condition, but rather be a mix of all the different eras it has worked through at ACTION – plus feature some modern “upgrades”.

Since acquisition, some of the work completed on 967 includes…

  • Applying new stickers to complete the special livery – “TAKE ACTION… CONSERVE OUR FOSSIL FUELS”
  • Swapping buttons in the cab to feature the correct pictograms, plus reinstating accompanying cab signage and stickers.
  • Replacement of the “side” lights with upgraded LED versions of similar appearance.
  • Treatment of minor rust patches on the roof.
  • Installation of a reversing camera, with the cab screen now occupying the space formerly taken by NXTBUS equipment.
  • Various electrical works.
  • Thorough internal cleaning.
  • Polishing of the front of the bus to remove staining caused by the bike rack preventing proper cleaning while in service; the rest of the exterior was also thoroughly cleaned and waxed. These tasks were completed by LMS Detailing.

There are also many things planned for 967 in the near future, such as reinstating the yellow Hella fog lights and installing “Slide and Ride” era Wayfarer ticketing equipment.

967 sits on Sculthorpe Avenue, Whitlam on July 31 2021.