BUS 675

Vehicle Specifications

ChassisRenault PR100.2
Entered ServiceApril 1987
Removed From ServiceMay 2000
Body NumberR1488
Body DateDecember 1986
Destination EquipmentBROSE Roller Blind
Fuel TypeDiesel

Vehicle History

  • Bus 675 was the first Renault PR100.2 at ACTION, operating from Kingston Depot.
  • It is the class leader of the 145 Renault PR100.2 Mk1 vehicles – the Mk1 designation applies to PR100.2 vehicles up to Bus 869.
  • It was first registered on 16 April 1987.
  • On 4 July 1992 it was transferred to Tuggeranong Depot, due to the closure of Kingston Depot.
  • As of January 2012 it is in private ownership, for restoration to Canberra standards.
ZIB675 when new in service in the City Bus Interchange. Photo from ‘L.J. Pascoe’ – 1987.

Vehicle Restoration

675 was acquired by CTM members in 2012 for preservation as the first PR100.2. Work has stalled several times since 2012 due to lack of funds or qualified persons to undertake works needed. Large amounts of interior works were conducted including sourcing original front runner seat fabrics and chin guards, replacement dot rubber flooring, cash trays etc.

Sadly the front of the vehicle came to some grief after striking a tree branch, causing a large dent in the front header which is yet to be repaired. Following this, the vehicle was moved to another storage location suffering a gearbox fault on the way causing it to be towed to it’s next location. Currently due to the pandemic, members are unable to access the bus to conduct any further works. Much like 674, it is hoped we will be able to retrieve 675 in late 2021 or early 2022 and move it to a new home so that restoration works can recommence.

ex-BUS 675 seen in early stages of restoration