BUS 674

Vehicle Specifications

ChassisRenault PR100
Entered ServiceJuly 1985
Removed From ServiceMay 2000
BodyRenault Vehicules Industriels
Body NumberN/A
Body Date1980
Destination EquipmentAlcatel/STC Cannon Flip-Dot, which replaced a Gulton Flip-Dot, which replaced a BROSE roller blind, which replaced a different roller blind system that featured the route number in the centre of the destination box and the destination rolls to the side.
Fuel TypeDiesel
ex-BUS 674 seen in 2000 on Olympic Games duties, operating for Cavanagh’s. Photographer: Unknown

Vehicle History

  • The bus was built in 1980 by Renault Vehicules Industriels (RVI), Lyon France as a PR100 demonstrator unit for the Singapore Bus Service.
  • It was first displayed at the 1980 International Motor Show in Birmingham.
  • From 1980-84 it was a demonstrator in the United Kingdom before being stored in the Lyon factory.
  • Mack Australia then had the unit upgraded to PR100.2 standard with various body changes to suit an Australian life.
  • The bus was first at ACTION from 4-15 March 1985 registered as ZIR-888 however it was never put into service.
  • The bus then went to MTT Perth (No. 10) from 26 April 1985 to 10 June 1985, and then returned to Mack and deregistered.
  • The bus was returned to ACTION for full evaluation in July 1985, as ZIB-672.
  • The bus was renumbered 674 and re-registered ZIB-674 on 11 February 1986.
  • ACTION purchased the unit on 25 June 1986.
  • A Gulton flip-dot destination display was installed in the bus during February 1988. (This was later replaced by STC Cannon flip-dot display.)
  • It was re-registered as BUS 674 during May 1989.
  • On 4 July 1992 it was transferred from Kingston Depot to Tuggeranong Depot.
  • When it was withdrawn from service, the flip-dot display was removed and installed into BUS 869, and was replaced by Brose roller blind equipment.
  • In May 2000 it was sold to Cavanagh’s of Kempsey
  • In May 2014, Cavanagh’s sold the vehicle to Sydney-based bus enthusiasts. It was registered 48316 H on 31 May 2014.
  • In June 2019, it was sold to CTM members and it is currently unregistered and undergoing restoration works.

Vehicle Restoration

Restoration of 674 has commenced on and off since 2014 when it was first acquired by bus enthusiasts. Minor works were undertaken in 2014 before the vehicle was later on-sold ending up with CTM members in 2019.

In 2019 674 was acquired by CTM members and collected from Sydney. After some cleaning work undertaken and some minor repairs made for the journey it made it’s way down to Canberra, performing flawlessly for the whole trip. The CTM has commenced restoration works on the vehicle which has so far seen internal seats removed, as well as a rusted roof hatch and electrical systems being looked at to diagnose a number of non functioning buttons etc.

Restoration works have been paused due to the current pandemic with members unable to attend the storage site at this time. It is planned that in late 2021 or early 2022, 674 will be moved to a new home where restoration works will resume.

ex-BUS 674 on the way to Sydney after being picked up at Cavanagh’s Depot in Kempsey in 2014.