BUS 114

Vehicle Specifications

ChassisRenault PR100.3
Entered Service1994
Removed From Service26th June 2020
BodyAustral Denning ‘Starliner’
Body NumberM200330
Body DateJune 1994
Destination EquipmentHanover LED, Previously fitted with Alcatel/STC Cannon Flip-Dot
Fuel TypeDiesel

Vehicle History

  • It was fitted with a Sportworks DL2 bike rack in October 2010.
  • Its STC Cannon / Alcatel flip-dot destination signs were replaced with Hanover LED in December 2014.
BUS 114 at Canberra Airport after operating a route R3 from Spence on its final night in service, June 26 2020.

Vehicle Restoration

The Canberra Transport Museum acquired BUS 114 in November 2020. It was originally intended to become a parts bus for 108, but later decided to be retained and restored alongside 108 owing to a further parts bus (ex BUS 100) being acquired. This has enabled us to keep both 108 and 114 on the road for the time being.

Thus far, 114 has had minimal work completed on it aside from some interior cleaning.

108 (left) and 114 (right) undergoing maintenance work.