BUS 108

Vehicle Specifications

ChassisRenault PR100.3
Entered Service8th July 1994
Removed From Service22nd May 2020
BodyAustral Denning ‘Starliner’
Body NumberM200270
Body DateJune 1994
Destination EquipmentHanover LED, Previously fitted with Alcatel/STC Cannon Flip-Dot
Fuel TypeDiesel

Vehicle History

  • Bus 108 was delivered in a special livery for Floriade, the Canberra Flower Festival.
  • Bus 108 was taken off the road on 30 October 2008 after it collided with a low wall at Belconnen Interchange, damaging the front left corner of the vehicle, door and stairwell.
  • It was fitted with a Sportworks DL2 bike rack in October 2010.
  • On 20 June 2014, Bus 108 commenced service in the ACTION corporate orange/blue livery for the first time.
  • As at February 2017, Bus 108 was fitted with a Hanover LED destination display, replacing its Alcatel/STC Cannon flip-dot signs.
  • In Mar/Apr 2018, its bike rack was updated to a new DL2 model (with black handle).
BUS 108 in Floriade AOA at Belconnen Bus Interchange – 30/12/03

Vehicle Restoration

Restoration is underway for 108. A full interior detail commenced straight after acquisition. The bus was taken for a roadworthy shortly after which revealed a number of minor mechanical faults. After a few more weeks these faults were rectified allowing the vehicle to be registered.

Given the vehicle age we were unable to register on a historic rego scheme and it was registered on full national heavy vehicle registration, with the plan to utilise the bus on the 2021 Rise Above Cancer Convoy.

Sadly in the weeks leading up to this event the vehicle suffered a major mechanical failure and as a result was unable to be used on the event. A thorough check of the engine found some failed components which require replacement. As such, the CTM is currently undertaking these repairs utilising parts from our recently acquired parts PR100.3, ex BUS 100.

BUS 108 stopping for a rest on the Barton Hwy between Yass and Canberra